Hitomi Shimizu profile

Hitomi SHIMIZU is a composer for film and TV soundtracks and winner of the Japan Academy Award 2001 for the Japanese film g Waterboysh She specializes in aimationmusic and has been collaborating for many years with Koji YAMAMURA, for example , on his Oscar-nominated short animation g Mt. Headh (won best soundtrack award in France) Hitomi has studied music composition since the age of 14 and is especially intersted in micro tuning. After graduating from Toho Gakuen Conservatoire,she built herself a 43-tone microtuning organ ( according to Harry Partch tuning) and made frequent live performances as gSYZYGYSh in Tokyo.

gSYZYGYSh is a duo with violinist Hiromi NISHIDA tha plays gmicrotunung poph which is one of Hitomifs life work.

gSYZYGYSh CDs are available worldwide ,produced by John Zorn on his TZADIK label.

Her major works are listed below.

Film and TV

  • g Sense Of Wonderh documentary film
  • g Water Boysh Toho Cinema
  • g Nanimokamo Hyakkai mo Iwaretakotoh Inudo Isshin film.
  • g Gakko no Kaidanh Fuji TV
  • gGakko no kaidan G h
  • g Skeltonfs in the closeth NHK documentary
  • g Domo g short clip episodeh Machibuseh
  • gPerestroikah Ryosuke Aoike animation
  • g Cow and Chicken remixh Cartoon Networks

  • Game Music

  • Sony PS 3 g SIREN new Translation ,aka Blood Curseh
  • Sony PS 2 g SIRENh
  • Sony PS 2 g Inaka kurashih
  • Sony PS2 g Bokujo Monogatarih

  • Koji Yamamura Animation ( too many awards to note )

  • g Kafkafs Country Doctorh Shochiku Film ,Otawa Grand Prix.etc.
  • g Mt. Head ,aka Atamayamah Oscar nominated, Anneccy Grand Prix.etc.
  • g Kippling. JR h
  • g Caro and Piyobupt h NHK
  • g Bavels bookh NHK
  • g Pacusih NHK Together With Mother

    TV CM

  • Greenpeace Japan g Whale Taleh ( animated film )
  • Kansai Electricity g Eco Cuteh
  • Nomura real estate g Proud Komagomeh
  • Tuka Mobile gfamily discounth
  • Kao g Attack h g Hammingh
  • Fancle gFenatyh Shonai Bank g promiseh ETC

  • Comissioned composition
  • AsahiBeer g a Day a Cow for Harp, Cowbells, Violinh

  • CD

  • SYZYGYS CD gEyes On Green g TZADIK
  • SYZYGYS CD g Complete Studio Recordings g TZADIK

  • Compilation CD g Drive to Heavenh

  • g Hale Hale Nighth g Chikai Munashikuh
  • Soundtrack CD g Water Boysh
  • Soundtrack@CD g Siren New Translationh

  • *DVDs are also available for most of these films.