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  Standard shipping free worldwide! ( Standard airmail) Formed in 1985, Syzygys was on the cutting-edge of "microtonal pop music." Film, TV and game soundtrack composer, Hitomi Shimizu plays a standard acoustic reed organ which she has modified following Harry Partch's 43-microtone scale. Internationally acclaimed violinist Hiromi Nishida plays an instrument subfused with Arabic tonalities derived from her lengthy appreticeship in Cairo with the legendary Egyptian master Abdu Dagher. After a long period of solo performances, they have come together again on this album of purely instrumental organ and violin duets. The "pop" of the early albums "distills" into purely spontaneous melodies that both expand and deepen the original musical form called: "Syzygys."

1 Between " B" & "C" 7'09"
2 Fracoco 6'25"
3 Syzygy Moon 6'26"
4 Fonce-2013 5'19"
5 Choral for organ solo

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Complete Recordings
SYZYGYS Complete Studio Recordings
CD / TZADIK #7240  2003

  The kind of quirky lunacy only possible in Japan, Syzygys is a remarkable instrumental duo that performs infectiously original pop songs on Harry Partch's 43 note to the octave microtonal organ. With an uncanny ear and startling creativity this music is as hilarious as it is delightful. Out of print for years, Tzadik now presents the complete studio recordings of this amazing band on one CD.

  This CD is available at >>Amazon:Complete Studio Recordings
Eys on Green
SYZYGYS Live at Roppongi Inkstick 1988

CD / TZADIK #7236  2003

  With the cute innocence of Shonen Knife and the 43-tone organ of Harry Partch, Syzygys have been fashioning twisted and catchy pop songs since 1985. These performances capture the band live in 1988 and is so beautifully recorded it could have been a studio date. Accompanying the delightful duo is legendary guitarist Imahori Tsuneo playing everything from Bill Frisell to Arto Lindsay's skronk and bassist Shiina Tatsuto. Absolutely charming: somewhere Harry Partch is smiling. Microtonal pop for the 21st Century.

  This CD is available at >>Amazon:Eyes on Green: Syzygys Live at Roppongi Inkstick 1988 [LIVE]